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Torque Business


increase your business

Get back the convenience-seeking customers who want to test drive or service their car from home or work.


Make your customers happy

Provide customers an incredible on-demand experience


Improve survey results

Let your happy customers boost your survey results by offering exemplary service

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Test Drive

Meet your customers where and when they’re available for a test drive


On-demand maintenance

Make your customers incredibly happy by fixing their cars at their convenience


Time/Location request

Customers request a time and location for their test drive or service

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Sales & Service Teams

Anyone you sign up at your dealer can download the app and get notified for customer requests


Get Alerts- Accept/Decline

You can Accept or Decline the request


Dealer stats

Using the app's chat feature send messages directly to your customers’ phone


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Torque Business is about you finding new customers and those who need the on-demand experience. For the busy individual, provide them an incredible test drive or car repair experience using our app. Review your stats page to stay up-to-date on all requests coming through and overall impact to your business.


How do I keep track of how many cars have been test driven?

On the dealer stats page you'll be able to see all related metrics including cars that have been test driven.

Will signing up to use this app truly help with sales?

Test drives are extremely critical to the car buying process. 88% of potential customers will not buy a car without test driving first. We are making it easy for people to test drive cars which will eventually help you with car sales.

If I decline the request, will I get the opportunity to take a car out to a test drive in the future?

Of course! Test drive requests will always be coming in from potential car buyers. There will be plenty of opportunities.

How do I follow up with prospects who have test driven?

On your test drives page, you'll be able to see every individual who has test driven and you'll have the opportunity to follow up for next steps.

What if I'm too busy to accept service requests?

You can always ask to re-schedule an appointment

How do I know how many service requests I've accepted?

There is a dealer stats page where you can see everything related to your usage of Torque Business

What if I have trouble finding customers I'm looking for?

You can use the call/text feature within the app to communicate with your customers.

Torque Business

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