Recently I was fortunate enough to have our partner, Southwest Kia, loan us a brand new 2019 Kia Optima to go advertise at a local Austin car show. It was a chance to get out there, showcase our app and talk to people about what we’re doing.

Car shows always draw a big crowd.  Lots of auto enthusiasts show up and weekends provide the perfect opportunity for them to put their beloved possessions on display.  I would know since I’m an enthusiast myself.

Although our app isn’t necessarily targeting gearheads, any chance I get to spread the word, I’ll take it.  I’ll even talk about the app at a flower competition if the opportunity presents itself.  Hey, flower enthusiasts could save a lot of time by using our app; growing flowers is a time-consuming pasttime.

What the 2019 Kia Optima is like (a mini-review)
Kias have come such a long way. Step inside this brand new one and you’ll find yourself bathed in luxury that seems odd coming from a Kia. It’s definitely not a Kia from the old days where all you’d find was a metal shell situated on top of four wheels. The 2019 version is quite sophisticated, has a smooth ride and although not a Lexus, makes a solid attempt in differentiating itself from the sea of 4-door practical sedans out there.

This is a sedan you can ride in with style. It’s got good looks, has a decent 260 hp turbo 4-cylinder and enough features like lane detection, car detection etc. to satisfy your hi-tech driving needs. I can’t ever get to semi-autonomous driving because needing to hold the steering wheel while the car does its thing seems odd.  I need all or nothing.  Can’t do this halfway.

It’s not quite a driver’s car but people buying this car aren’t necessarily looking for the ultimate driving machine. Getting from point A in B in reasonable comfort is the primary goal and the Optima delivers just that.

The Show

At the car show, our app generated some interested. People were curious and some came by who are always looking for the new thing that’s arrived. It’s always nice to get the opportunity to talk to people about what we do.

The weather wasn’t the greatest, but people still came out.  Car lovers are a passionate bunch.  A little drizzle isn’t stopping most of them from coming out. Hail on the other hand – now that’s a different story.

The highlight of the show though was this. I don’t know how anyone can drive this thing. The kids seemed to love it though and were crawling all over it like ants.

After spending a few hours at the show, we called it a day.  Looking forward to the next one!